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    • 05 Oct 2020
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    • 06 Oct 2020
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    • 2 sessions
    • Virtual two-day event
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    Joint ATDNOLA and ATDBR event. 

    If you are a member of ATDNOLA or ATDBR, please register on your chapter's website.

    Ever noticed how physical examinations always start with the doctor or nurse checking your pulse rate, respiration, and temperature? Those vital signs of health are critical to the body working, so we start there. In our developing training world, there are also vital signs of health. Is your content truly participant centered? Do your learners experience the power to choose and a sense of belonging? Does your training still meet the needs of today's learners? When you are Participant Centered, your vitals are healthy...Application and retention improve dramatically!

    In this session, we'll:

    • Examine the 4 "vital signs" of participant centered virtual training
    • Experience immediately applicable ideas you can use to put people in charge of their own learning
    • Discuss the biggest threats of "infection" to learner engagement and content retention
    • Acquire new techniques to defeat these threats
    • List means by which to tap into the strengths of digital resources to train the growing population of "digital natives" in our classrooms
    • Select at least one new digital activity to implement in your next training to energize, take surveys, or deliver content
    • Explore 5 advanced PPT tips to transform your slide decks and become a "PPT Ninja"
    • Identify what makes PPT work well or poorly and build your action plan to maximize this tool

    Join us for this exciting virtual 2-day session.

    Session 1: Monday, October 5, 2020 -  9am to noon (Central) 

    Session 2: Tuesday, October 6, 2020 -  9am to noon (Central) 

    But, register early! Class size is limited to 50 people. 

    If all spots are filled, join our wait list in case of cancellations or last minute adjustments. 

    Your Facilitator:

    Becky Pike Pluth,

    President and CEO: Bob Pike Group

    As the President and CEO of The Bob Pike Group, Becky Pike Pluth has more than 20 years of exposure to Creative Training Techniques. She has helped clients including Target, Bose, Coca-Cola, FedEx and Wells Fargo realize cost savings and training efficiencies. Becky was named one of Training Magazine's Top 40 Under 40. She easily employs a participant-centered approach to classroom, virtual, and blended e-learning. Becky is the author of numerous professional development books and training materials including Creative Training: A Train-the-Trainer Field Guide and Webinars with WOW Factor.

    Capabilities to be addressed at this event:

    • Developing Professional Capabilities
      • Learning sciences
      • Instructional Design
      • Training delivery and facilitation
      • Technology selection and implementation
      • Knowledge Management
      • Career and leadership development
      • Evaluating impact
    • Impacting Organizational Capability
      • Business insight
      • Performance improvement
      • Future readiness

    ATD Capability Model:

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